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Crazy Kopeefun Cuties! Comic Transfer Rubbings for Rubbing from the 1940s Earliest Pop Art ?

If I have learned anything producing these vintage sleaze posts, it is that the first application of any new technology, even one as silly as a rubbing transfer piece of paper which predates the silly copying technique of silly putty...will be to fiddle around with the female form. Even if she is only a paper doll in comic form.

A selection of some young, impressionable young man's attempt at reversing the image of hot comic book babes in order to get additional views.
Kopeefun Paper (which was "magic") was produced in this batch from Embree manufacturing company in Elizabeth, NJ. in 1941. So I am going to guess these cartoon ladies came from comic books circa 1941-1950, assuming the magic portion of the sheets would wear out at some point.
Any comic book scholars out there care to identify the artists or their spicy creations?

Group of Kopeefun transfer rubbings, circa 1941-1950 Collection Victor Minx

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UPDATE COMIC (AND OVERALL) GENIUS DEVLIN THOMPSON CONTRIBUTES THE FOLLOWING (AND WINS A T-SHIRT) : The blonde with the forelock is "Suzie," from the 1945-54 Archie Comics series of that name (http://www.comics.org/series/13221/). The first and sixth image are her fellow Archie-published character Katy Keene (http://www.comics.org/series/11875/). I'm inclined to think the last are from another publisher, and the blonde in the third example MAY be as well. On the other hand, Archie's house look before the fifties was a lot less uniform, so it's possible that it's actually Betty Cooper (Bill Ward actually drew a couple of "Betty & Veronica" stories in the forties that looked like this). "Suzie" and "Katy Keene" stories were both featured in PEP COMICS and LAUGH COMICS through the years, so it's possible that those are all from the same comic, but I doubt it.  AND  For the record, after checking through a box of Archies, Binkys, Scooters and the like that came in at work today, I can tell you that none of these are from Suzie #52, 54, or 57. Also, there are Katy Keene stories in those, as well as Suzie stories drawn by Woggon, so that increases the likelihood that both characters' images are from the same comic. I'd either forgotten or never known how shamelessly cheesecake-oriented Suzie really was. Not that Archie Comics has ever been that shy about the female form, but there are panels of things like a close-up of her gluteus maximus in a short skirt that's riding up that would not appear in an issue of Betty & Veronica, then or now! I'll scan some later, if I get the chance.