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Enjoy the many posts, EACH with a true tale from the golden days of smut, in the meantime.

ABOVE Bill Alexander cover for Bath House Peeper by Owen Patterson.  After Hours Books (a quasi-mob connected publisher which operated in the 1960s.)  Bill Alexander was an African-American artist and Illustrator.  Bad author Owen Patterson was also known as Anthony Dean.


I'll Let You Play With Mine, Yo-Yo. The Power of Vintage Sleaze the Blog

Well, the last time we posted this little risque adult novelty, it was stolen by some 500 websites, put on trinkets to be sold on eBay and used for an escort on an Adult dating site of some sort.  The least we can do is provide the answer.  
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Eric Stanton of the Week is Corsets in Color

Eric Stanton drawing of the Week is the cover of Slave Mistress 1957 "TL Publishers" New York 

The  forthcoming book TIMES SQUARE SMUT will tell the true story of a handful of writers, models, photographers, publishers and minor criminals who published several hundred books in NYC which started a cultural revolution.  From the Gutters of Times Square to the Supreme Court.  Coming this Fall.

Why there are no African American NRA Members ? Lawyers Guns and Money in Black and White

"Frankly, the statistics on our criminal justice system are embarrassing. As of 2012, there were 6,937, 600 “offenders” under the supervision of the adult correctional system in our country. 1 in every 35 adults in the United States is either on probation, parole or in prison. That is a considerable market, and you can see why private companies are interested in taking over the industry. Think of a prison movie with a dozen inmates pounding their cups in unison as they bitch about the food. Multiply that by many, many times. There is a considerable market to be fed behind bars. The US system of incarceration is by far the largest in the world. 1/4 of the prisoners in the entire world are held in our prisons."  CONTINUE READING: FULL TEXT IS HERE

Betty Grable reveals her Measurements!

Foxhole Fox Betty Grable knocked Rita Hayworth off the pinup pedestal.  Her measurements? "Hosiery specialists of the era often noted the ideal proportions of her legs as thigh (18.5"), calf (12"), and ankle (7.5")" Her legs were famously insured by her studio for $1 million.  Publicity stunt.

Colored and signed (?) Publicity photograph of Betty Grable Collection Victor Minx

Vanessa Davis finds Support

Vanessa Davis is author of "Make Me a Woman" and one of the freshest faces in female fundom working today.  We are pleased to have her "Support System" story to share!  

Ms. Davis has numerous publications available and at the very moment is wrapping up her appearance at the Illustration Conference IC N8 at the Portland Museum.  Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Tablet, SpongeBob Comics and long ago, way back, on this site.
Reach Vanessa Davis cartoonist / illustrator at her website SPANIEL RAGE.   

Maria Stinger Takes a Selfie

Let's go into the darkroom with Maria Stinger and see what develops!  Maria Stinger was not only one of the most beautiful women to work with Bunny Yeager (who presumably took these uncredited photographs published in a 1954 issue of Humorama Stare) she was one of the most beautiful pinup models ever.  Troubled, but beautiful.  Born in 1931, she moved to Miami in 1948 and 5 years later met Bunny.  She became Ms. Yeager's first model.  A year later she was posing for portly obscenitor Irving Klaw.  She worked in numerous "Nudie Cutie" flicks.  Despite having three lovely daughters (named Spring, Summer and Autumn) she was a victim of depression and attempted suicide in 1964, divorced her husband in 1965 and unfortunately succeeded in suicide in 1967.

Mistress in Satin The Rare Digests Series on Vintage Sleaze the Blog Number 48

Wanda welcomes Nan to her modest New York City pad wearing her usual greeting attire.  Yes, It is yet another of the endless dress-up fantasies from the deviant house of Burtman in this, the 48th entry of THE RARE DIGESTS.  Mistress in Satin was an offshoot of the Exotique digests which peppered Times Square during the 1950s.  The 54 page novel is page after page of Wanda and her cousin trying on clothes, taking off clothes, describing their clothes and wishing for more clothes.  Oh…and shoes.

As with nearly all Lenny's books, there really isn't any sex, but there are countless "knowing glances" and "transformations" to keep the clients interested. 

Leonard Burtman may not have been quite sure who was buying his product, but he knew it appealed to men and men who dressed like women equally.  In that sense he was clearly fifty years ahead of his time, and a niche market suited him fine.  A single photo shoot would become a set of glossies, a novel, a chapter here, a spread there.  A good business model, if one only appreciated in editions of a few thousand at most.  Still, the bizarre booklets went into second printings.  This is a reprint of the original, which had a glossy blue cover when it first appeared.  

Mistress in Satin was the third of the digest publications in the "Photo-Fiction" series.  At the time, it seems Burmel may have been using both a Broadway address and a 46th Street address, a street which oddly comes up again and again here on the Vintage Sleaze blog.  Is it any coincidence the author here lived on the same street for twenty years?  It certainly is.  Nothing more.  

Mistress in Satin by Linda Ross.  (An Exotique Publication) No Date (circa 1958)  


THIS IS NUMBER FORTY EIGHT IN THE SERIES 'THE RARE DIGESTS' Small essays on hopelessly obscure and scarce soft-core publications of the 1950s. Enjoy them All

Bettie Page of the Week is Brunch at Irving Klaw's place.

"Degenerate Pornographer" Irving Klaw serves up snacks on the set for his primary earner Bettie Page and an extra.  Later known as "BP-354" this image was until recent years sold from the Movie Star News location in NYC for a dollar, one of likely hundreds of thousands of 4 x 5 images produced in the fifty years the company was in business.  One of the few photos sold of the model wearing more than her lingerie, and as such priceless.  Still, you'll see such images for sale on eBay with all sorts of claims like original and vintage.  Vintage means "of it's time" not old.  Buyer beware.

Books and $5.99 Ebooks by the author of Vintage Sleaze the Blog are available HERE 

Greatest Moments in Vintage Sleaze Number 26 Bettie Page Explains Evolution

Bettie Page explains evolution here for Beauty Parade in 1954.  Maybe this issue helped some "charter schools" explain it for the kids...as the real story doesn't require any faith, just science. Generally, "faith" is a way to say "science belongs somewhere else" I guess.  One proof of the evolution "theory" is Ms. Page's beauty.  She evolved into the world's most beautiful pinup, and I have yet to see an ape with a paper crease or pinholes in his tummy.

Anyway, here Ms. Page is referred to as a "Broadway Chorus Girl" which may have been her aspiration, but I don't think she did much singing or dancing.  Actually, I KNOW she didn't do much singing or dancing, but I'll be polite.  Still, this fully realized concept piece required FIVE costume changes...one for the monkey!

Beauty and the Beast Beauty Parade Magazine 1954. 
VINTAGE SLEAZE GREATEST HITS runs once a month on Vintage Sleaze the Blog.  This is entry number 26.  SEE THEM ALL

Books and Ebooks by the author of Vintage Sleaze the Blog HERE

The Beauty of Jonnie Wilson Pinup Pioneer Irving Klaw Model Survivor Heroine

The Beauty of Jonnie Wilson  Irving Klaw Model Pinup Pioneer  Survivor Heroine

We get a bit of mail here, but mail bringing news and photographs from the likes of Ms. Jonnie Wilson doesn't come along often enough. 

Jonnie Wilson was there for all of it, and fortunately, she is still here. A stunning model who worked with them all..and for our purposes she was at all the right places at the right time.

Ms. Wilson appeared in all of Robert Harrison's legendary magazines such as Wink, Flirt, Titter, Eyeful and Beauty Parade during the 1950s, often photographed either by or with the publisher himself.  She was one of the most beautiful OF the beautiful at a time when titillation was just starting to be something done on newsstands. 

Modern day glamor photography, a billion dollar industry today, can be traced directly to the groundbreaking Camera Club activities of the early 1950s.  From there emerged Bettie Page. but Jonnie Wilson was there too.   A pioneer at the time when the beauty of the exposed female form was just starting to enter popular culture.  Sure, there had been pinup models…Foxhole cuties to remind the boys in the trenches what they were fighting for.  Compared to Jonnie and her contemporaries, that Hollywood cheesecake was cold.  Jonnie was burning hot.

Few women were as beautiful, as adventurous or as hard-working.  It took a special woman to break through the censorship and the sexism of centuries which both controlled and denied the beauty of women.  Jonnie Wilson was one of a few.  There have been many forms of feminism and feminists, but none of them can fault the working women who literally put themselves on the line for photographers in the 1950s.  Jonnie Wilson took it a daring step further and she did it with considerable style.  You can see some of the result here.  Photographs which take the breath away more than 50 years later.  She was there, she is here today, and she is well and spunky enough to write personally. 

Let's take just a brief look at Ms. Wilson's accomplishments and credits. 

She was photographed by Rafael DeSoto, Irving Klaw, Weegee, Robert Harrison, Milton Green, Antonio Vargas…not to mention the originators, Jerry Tibbs and Cass Carr from the Camera Club days.  In fact, Bettie Page was photographed in her apartment, and Jonnie still has the stool she sat on.  The famous Artist's Equity Balls?  The one where Bettie Page wore the telephone costume?  The top photo above is what Jonnie wore.  One year she won top prize.

She was photographed by Harrison Marks for a Kamera Calendar.  I said she was photographed by Irving Klaw?   She was FILMED by Irving Klaw.  She worked at the Latin Quarter.  The Copacabana.   She rode an elephant in the Macy's Day Parade.  Miss Subway.  Diamond Queen.  Miss Cheesecake.  Her form filled Maidenform.  Spunscraft sweaters, Spirella corsets, Lady Marlene, Gmalorize lingerie, Lombardi Dresses, Frederick's of Hollywood and more.  How many more?  Jonnie tells me she worked for LOTS more, and was even a "construction model" for building their patterns!  

Jonnie Wilson was at the Camera Club outings, including one in particular where the girls got carried away and went ALL the way.  She left early, the others were arrested.  Once on a trip home from a photo shoot in Canada, she picked up a newspaper and saw her picture on the front page with a wealthy man she never even met wanting to divorce his wife for her.  She was so popular, she sold her photographs (and scented hankies) by mail order…Jonnie found time to be an female mail order entrepreneur too.

We can only scratch the surface.  Jonnie Wilson is a book waiting to happen, she holds a CONSIDERABLE historic photo archive (from which the images above were graciously provided to Vintage Sleaze)  We have suitably added watermarks to in order to prevent them from being dispersed without paying her what she deserves.   It is an honor to have her support and trust.   You can share, but please do not copy or sell. 

Fortunately, Ms. Wilson has the support of a gentleman who is going to help her market and share her extensive history.  If you would like more information, contact John L. at jonniesmokey@gmail.com.  They hope to hear from you.

There are very few of the models left today who literally created a revolution in sexuality during the 1950s.  Ms. Tempest Storm, her contemporary, comes to mind.  Jonnie is truly the last of the breed and deserves all the credit, love and respect possible.  I mean, please.  Look at the photographs.

Contact Jonnie Wilson at jonniesmokey@gmail.com

Photographs permission and courtesy Jonnie Wilson, Copyrighted. 

Gift to the Vintage Sleaze Archives : A Gentleman's "Personal" Scrapbook

Were MEN big scrapbook hobbyists?  They sure were.  However, you'll seldom see them today, as unlike the countless "Shirley Temple" and 'Tips for Homemakers"  scrapbooks you will find on the floor in any flea market, the men's versions were all thrown away by ancestors when they found them in the closet.  Yes, the guys knew you to use scissors and paste, and they prized them as, well…we hate to be blunt.  Let's just call them "inspiration" for those special moments.  Alone.

We republished one as "Gals Gams Garters" years ago.  This one was sent to us by a prominent artist and all-around good guy.  A Donation to the Vintage Sleaze Archives! 

The scrapbook, which appears to have been started in 1944 by an individual who glued his business card on on the second page…is a pretty good one.  Among the highlights?  A perky young Lucille Ball back in the days when she was appearing in Three Stooges shorts and on casting couches in Hollywood.  Bunny Waters, the six foot "Glamazon" who towered over the competition, Spicy Jean Mode (who has been paired with glue alongside a cutout of a period television showing "A Girl and her Pussy" and for the fetishists here, a number of "hose" themed stocking layouts so common at the time.  Enjoy!

Circa 1944 - 1950 Handmade scrapbook Gift to Vintage Sleaze the Blog

African American Metal Copper Cuties Tan Tornados and Bronze Beauties

Copper Cuties Tan Tornados and Bronze Beauties!  As I point out in the book SECRET HISTORY OF THE BLACK PINUP : Women of Color from Pinup to Porn, it wasn't Hef who broke the color barrier, but a number of disreputable (at the time) sleazy pulps who wanted to make a buck with some "exotic" looks and swinging sepia steps!
A good example of woman of color in a 1950's magazine is this layout from Beauty Parade in 1954.  Oh, to time travel.

Original Publicity Photograph from Crimes Without Passion Lost Art of the Film

THIS is how to open a film.  Above is an original still photograph, collection Jim Linderman, showing the stunning opening of the film Crime Without Passion being produced.  Enjoy this clip...and marvel.  Filmmaking at the highest level, and 85 years ago.

Swish (!) Bottom (!) The Rare Digests Number 47 is Ted Roth's novel of Basketball and Buttocks!

One thing we can say about Swish Bottom is that the cover artist Eugene Bilbrew forgot the basketball…as that is what the novel is about.  Hard to believe, but true.  A harmess piece of junk which nonetheless got a member of organized crime arrested for obscenity.  You won't believe me, but the book appears on the list of books for which a minor mobster was awarded three years in prison and $12.000 dollars for in 1962.  Hmmm.  To me, the only obscenity is the $5.00 cover price and the fact that the book had no other illustrations.

Still, if one saw this book taped shut under the counter in a 42nd street bookstore, one might be tempted to fork it over…despite the price being equivalent to nearly $40.00 today.  I swear.  Onanism  did NOT come cheap in the day.

Why did a member of the mob sell sleaze like this for such a high price?  Because, for a time, he could.  Why was he arrested for selling same?  I'll try to explain it in Times Square Smut.  By the way, During the 1960s the Supreme Court had the time to rule whether the man who sold this book should go to jail…and it doesn't even have a swear word in it.

Swish! Bottom!  by Ted Roth.  "Holiday Press"  No Date (circa 1960)  Collection Victor Minx


THIS IS NUMBER FORTY SEVEN IN THE SERIES 'THE RARE DIGESTS' Small essays on hopelessly obscure and scarce soft-core publications of the 1950s. Enjoy them All:

Presenting the SWEATER GIRLS of 1952 by Night and Day Magazine

"America's Picture Magazine" Night and Day, a magazine staple with staples and one of glut of Life and Look wannabees presents the top filled sweaters of 1952.  Night and Day was the sleazy sister of journalism.  Basically, it was a delivery vehicle for Irving Klaw's persistent fetish advertisements.  The only articles it carried were those with an excuse to show the female form in publicity photographs.  Aspiring Starlets who would crash and burn, such as Lily Lamont shown here in her glory.  You can read our essay on Lily Lamont HERE on Paraphilia Magazine.

Betty Brosmer Marries Joe Weider

Our favorite model, and second only to Bettie Page in several respects (number of magazine covers and beauty, I guess.) Betty Brosmer,  Miss Television award winner and wife of Joe Weider, supplement salesman and publisher of obscene literature.  Both, as such, HEROES.  Read the story of Joe Weider's brush with the bluenoses HERE.  Read Betty's Bio HERE. BOOKS AND EBOOKS ($5.99) BY THE AUTHOR OF VINTAGE SLEAZE THE BLOG HERE 

GREATEST MOMENTS IN VINTAGE SLEAZE NUMBER 25 ! Mara Gaye Shoots Zee Zee Martine and Vice Versa! Cheesecake Bricks with Cameras on Ladders!

Zee Zee Martine photographs Mara Gaye and Vice Versa! Greatest Moments in Vintage Sleaze presents Burlesque History with two lens!

Take the two of the biggest bombs in bombshell history, two serious bricks of cheesecake rounds, and put them in a room each with a camera?  Well, it was the idea of Frank "Flash" Siegfried, who while regularly employed at a violin player for Broadway shows (yes…Frank spent most of his time down in the orchestra pit) free-lanced as a shutterbug for pulp!  Not your regular smut…the classic demented smut of Tomcat Magazine!

Tomcat was barely a magazine,it being made up primarily of purloined graphics from other sources with no credit and raving rants from the editor. The rest of the pages were filled with the same 15 or so burned-out burleskers in every issue.  We have shown Tomcat before.  For that matter, we have shown Mara and Zee Zee before too, and you'll find them if you look.  Mara in particular is a story hard to believe. 

Flash rented the flat, filled it with a pair (of a pair) of legendary stage peelers, and you see the results.  A solid film roll of darkroom beauty!  I am sure Frank's nimble fiddle fingers trembled as he lifted the developed prints from their bath. 

Yes, the models each took pictures, but it was Frank who orchestrated the action, as smooth as he played fiddle during My Fair Lady (true…) and he also took the shots where both peelers pretend to picture the other.

Enjoy this vintage photo session from Tomcat Magazine issue number eleven.  No date, I am afraid.  They wanted the rag to stay "current" on the newsstand a long time, so they left off the date.

And there are people who think MAXIM is hot?  Pffft.

VINTAGE SLEAZE GREATEST HITS runs once a month on Vintage Sleaze the Blog.  This is entry number 25.  SEE THEM ALL


Guest Post by Natalie M. Curley Antique Dealer

Natalie Curley is one of the rare breed doing the heavy lifting for collectors.   All these objects have to come from somewhere, and the folks who find, save, protect, share and sell them to others are how I connect with the past.  Natalie is a little like me…she has to own an object to understand it, and that unending search to learn is what keeps her going.  Anyone can sell an object, that's what Craig's list is for.  But it takes a special person to find it, figure it out, treat it with respect and pass it along at a very small mark up to other collectors.  I own things with Natalie M. Curley provenance and so do many others.  It's time to share a favorite source.  I asked Ms. Curley to discuss a few of her finds with us and to explain what gets her up in the morning.  Ms. Curley has a splendid website, sells on eBay, restores and frames objects and hits the road early to find great stuff.  See what Natalie has available at CURLEY'S ANTIQUES and on her eBay listings.  Stay up to date with Natalie's travels on her Facebook page.
Because Ms. Curley's interests are wide, we are posting two versions of this piece.  One here, the other on Dull Tool Dim Bulb.

"Prior to the hipster “heritage,” and crafty “repurposing” revolutions born of reality television so many years ago, the only context the public really had for the artifacts of their collective history not stored in struggling museums seen only on childhood school trips were the legions of condescending retirees smelling vaguely of lilac and rambling about “book values” running prissy but dusty antique shops in vacation towns. I rightly cannot fault y’all for not finding those very accessible or worthy of your precious free weekend hours. But for folks like me, weirdos looking for points of connection in an uncomfortable world, the very idea of “forgotten” makes our hearts race and we think you’re crazy to resist! An abandoned parking lot or the field of an underutilized historic landmark in need of the funding, completely uncatalogued piles of every single thing ever possibly made by man or machine before this very day with no answers and not many hints, likely beginning an hour before dawn and potentially slogging through mud or 90 degrees, sounds better than sex! Its a never ending number of too crazy to be imagined stories, lives lived, lost achievements, personalities and insights all silenced by the years and the graves just waiting to wake up and chat. The age and construction of a thing, the society that produced it, the intent (folk art is ALL intent) of the maker, the make-do necessity of the materials used, how its aged and how its been damaged all tell the story. I can become aware of things I never imagined and with the context I piece together, so can the new owner. In the process, we all learn something about ourselves. Theres nothing better than that discovery and I’ve made ALL my professional choices in this life so that I can afford to run away to this circus every-day."

Vintage 1950’s Pin Up Cheesecake Artist Paul H. Oelman Nude Photo Christmas Card

Can you imagine the scandal of this greeting card flying through the McCarthy Era postal service during a time of worship? Who it was sent to? How it became disenfranchised and lonely in the world, ignored and abandoned?

Earl Moran Pin Up Art Motel Gas Station Barber Shop Soda Vending Machine Advertising Blotter

Sex has always sold, but to no one better than other salesman because they know how well it sells! Earl Moran girl shilling vending machines on an ink blotter, from the days of fountain pens and desks.

1947 Vintage Kodachrome Photo Admirers at the Beach” Black Pin Up Bikini Pose

WWII had just ended, women have only been voting for 25+ years and Jim Crow has another two decades in its hateful veins...and in the moment this photo was snapped, NONE of that mattered. Shyrine is drop dead gorgeous in frisky fuchsia and those two fellas have been turning their heads for 67 years now.

Art Deco Flapper Girl Risque Stockings Stuffed Toys Vintage Photo

Some images are simply compelling and leave no clues or explanation. Her clothes and hair scream c1925, hiked up dress and rolled down nylons scream something else entirely. Stuffed toys, whew, write your own captions, kids!

1950s Buxom Blonde Cartoon Comic Pin Up Rat Rod Window Decal Souvenir

Part of the allure of pin up art to a woman is the feminism inherent, this decal was made just post WWII as a souvenir at a roadside stand or magazine mail away. Women are multi-taskers, and I am  proud to say they can hold down families, be Rosie Riveters just years before this was made and laugh when their breasts are cartoon fantasies on drag car windows. Theres power in owning it.